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“Tnx to Backstage Studio, we do the work we love for the money we deserve.”

The Studio Model Team, June 2023

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Why are we the best
and Who the hell are we?

We are a combined force of diligent marketers, experienced developers, astute managers, visionary designers, eloquent conversationalists, skilled content creators, shrewd financiers and tenacious lawyers. At Onlyfans, we have the knowledge and skills to make good money. Our partnerships, connections and financial resources reinforce our commitment, allowing us to achieve that goal.

By the way, our models buy apartments, travel to the most cherished corners of the World, become owners of brand new cars.

Our models make great money.
How much?

Yes, it's true. The screenshots are taken from our models' personal accounts as of May 28, 2023.

This is what you should know before you start working with us

We know how important it is for models to get income on time.

We value your time and talent. With us, you never have to worry about late payments. We control the timely receipt of remuneration from the platforms, as well as additional payment for the created content.
Get paid for content
Get a significant percentage of payments from marketplaces
Get paid in any convenient way (by card, bank transfer)

Your safety and rights are our top priority

Our legal team is always ready to protect your interests. We work with market leaders to protect your content, no one can steal or resell your content. Also, any legal issues will be resolved by us in our cooperation with you.
We have our own legal department
24/7 protection for your content
We work strictly within the law

Work from anywhere, travel the world and live life to the fullest

We believe in a work-life balance that allows our models to be happy and fulfilled. We set up all of our work remotely and you don't need to come to our office. Create content wherever and whenever it's convenient for you. And thanks to our team you will not have to deal with routine. While you are on holiday or vacation, we will make you money.
Work from anywhere in the World
Shoot content when it's convenient for you
Plan your weekends and vacations

We don't just represent models - we create brands

Our team will work with you to create your unique image and performance character. We will find your unique niche in accordance with your wishes and market needs, which will allow you to stand out from hundreds of thousands of other models.
Personal content manager
Popularity through a unique image
Become a star in the USA market

We've streamlined our processes so that everything runs smoothly

We've streamlined our processes so that everything runs smoothly, from your first photo shoot to your regular payments. You will have a dedicated team working with you, which has long been able to handle many work issues with ease.
Publication automation and content quality control
In-house marketing, finance, legal department
Strong sales department
models come first

Each model is the center of our Universe. We use our best expertise to meet the needs of the models. Do you have a goal or dream?

Our models achieve their cherished desires. From buying a house or a car, to traveling and being free of financial problems. How is this accomplished?
It's simple. We have plenty of traffic, partner platforms, a network of our own adult projects, a well-established content distribution system, a strong project management team, fine-tuned fan communication scripts, software solutions to help bypass competitive models, and a strong legal department.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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How much money I will make?

You'll get your first payout as soon as you start working with our studio. We pay $300 for your starting content, which you can make in 1 day after signing the partnership agreement. Your monthly income will then range from $500 to $20,000 depending on your content preferences and limitations. If you are willing to shoot more explicit content and are open to unique images and scenes, this will yield a higher income.

What kind of marketing support do you provide?

First, for each model, we allocate a monthly budget of $10,000 or more for advertising on Facebook, Instagram and other advertising platforms.
Secondly, we have a large network of projects where we promote models with whom we cooperate. The total volume of unique English-speaking visitors in our projects exceeds 60 million per month.
Thirdly, we have partner resources with 21.4M active English-speaking users (USA, Canada, Australia and Germany).
Fourthly, we have more than 120 models on Onlyfans with whom we successfully cooperate.

How often I need to make content?

You will have a personal content manager who will direct you to the rhythm of work that you are comfortable with. Typically a content plan involves creating content once a week. In case fans ask to shoot something special, it will take a little longer to create content and you may need to do it more often.

Can I give up hard content?

Yes, you can opt out of hard content. That's your choice.

I don't want to be seen by people I know from my country. Can I block users from my country?

Yes, we will block the country display at your request. Your privacy is our priority.

How does the onboarding process work?

The onboarding process is very easy. All you have to do is fill out our website form, then our project manager will contact you. She will call you at a convenient time to get acquainted and you can ask any questions. After that you can sign a cooperation agreement (we'll send you an electronic version, which you can sign online) and that's the end of the onboarding process.
Note that the number of requests we have now is very high and sometimes we need up to 2 working days to process the request.

A short story from our model

I love what I do now because it has given me a lot of freedom.

Before I started working with Backstage, I tried it on my own 😫. It's such a headache. I have to promote myself, PR on social networks, take pictures and videos, negotiate with other girls in Onlyfans about mutual advertising. Then a lot of naughty men from Canada and the U.S. endlessly write you, you have to communicate with them a lot, persuade them to pay money. 🤮 Ugh, it's horrible to remember. It was sad but profitable 🤓

After some time through an acquaintance accidentally went to the Studio. God how cool is it when all the dirty work done for you and still pay for it. Thank you guys 🤗 for that. After working with you I am much happier. Now it's a lot more fun and just as profitable 😘

Stella, 23 years old

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